EU-NormCon discussion session with Diana Panke

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Some researchers of the EU-NormCon project participated in a seminar organized by Robert Kissack (IBEI) on Wednesday 13th at IBEI’s premises. The main purpose of the seminar was to discuss some of the last outputs of the project with Diana Panke (Frieburg University). Among them, Panke offered her views on the EU-NormCon conceptual framework, presented by Oriol Costa.

Panke also participated in a workshop hosted in IBEI for pre- and post-doctoral students working in the field of European Union. Jordi Mas (IBEI) and the Observatory researcher Pol Morillas participated in the event.

Diana Panke holds the Chair of Multi-level Governance at University of Freiburg and works on a wide variety of research topics in International Relations. They include international norm dynamics, international negotiations, legalization and compliance beyond the nation-state, European Integration, Comparative European Union Politics, as well as modern theories of international relations.

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