Textbook on the EU and International Relations published

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The first edition of the Spanish-language textbook “La Unión Europea en las Relaciones Internacionales” (The European Union in International Relations), edited by IBEI-professor Esther Barbé, has just been published by Tecnos. A number of EU-IANUS’ participants have also contributed chapters to this book.

The 433-page text studies the special characteristics of the EU as an international actor and how it acts in the global arena. In particular, the contributions scrutinise how the crisis of the EU’s model of integration as well as the global power transition affect the relevance of the EU as an international actor. The book is divided into three sections. The first part studies the institutions, processes and instruments of the EU’s Foreign Policy. In the second part the book analyses the EU’s policies in geographical terms, whereas the third and final section takes a closer look on the EU as an actor in global governance. All 19 chapters are written by experts in the respective fields of research. Together the textbook offers a wide and comprehensive analytical view of the EU’s Foreign Policy for both students and others interested in this topic.

More information about the book can be found on the website of Tecnos.

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