CIDOB publishes the last EU-IANUS work

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The 108th issue of the Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals has been published under the title ‘The EU and international order: accommodation or entrenchment’ (click here for the link). This work, coordinated by Esther Barbé and with the participation of several EU-IANUS researchers, analyses the convergence of an EU in crisis and a changing world order, which has become a more hostile place for the EU than it was a few years ago.

The first part of the journal contains seven articles based on a common analytical framework which study the changing behavior of the European Union in multilateral institutions in various fields (economic, environmental, energy and security). Esther Barbé, Oriol Costa, Robert Kissack, José Antonio Sanahuja, Gonzalo Escribano, Enrique San Martín, Patricia Garcia-Duran, Montserrat Millet and Juan Pablo Soriano have participated in this part. The articles of the monograph attempt to answer how the European Union acts in order to preserve its capacity to influence multilateral institutions and the mechanisms of global governance. Each article analyzes if the EU’s behavior is moving towards accommodation or entrenchment in the new scenario of the international system.

The second part of the journal is devoted to other articles written by Elena Flores y Kees van Duin, Rafael Martínez, and Javier Lion Bustillo. Finally, the last pages are dedicated to book reviews, with the collaboration of José Luis de Castro, Alfredo Crespo, Andriy Tyushka and María del Carmen Sandoval.

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