EU-IANUS researchers present two papers in Vienna

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EU-Ianus researchers Esther Barbé and Oriol Costa have participated the 20th and 21st of August in a Workshop organized by the Institute for European Integration Research of the University of Vienna. Under the title ‘The EU and Global Governance: State of the Art and Research Agenda’, the research session aimed at taking stock of recent trends  on analyzing the EU’s role in a multi-level global governance system and its interaction with the international environment.

Oriol Costa presented on Monday his paper ‘When is the EU a Multilateralist Actor in World Society?’. Esther Barbé presented on Tuesday the paper ‘The EU as an Evolving International Actor and Changes in the International System’. Other researchers that participate in the workshop were Gerda Falkner, Patrick Müller, Sandra Lavenex, Jonathan Zeitlin, Knud Erik Jorgensen, Jan Orbie and Jolyon Howorth.

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