The Observatory of European Foreign Policy organizes a seminar at IBEI (Barcelona)

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On 3 February the Observatory of European Foreign Policy organized the ‘Global Governance and European Union: answers to a changing world’ seminar at the premises of IBEI, Barcelona. The first part of the seminar was devoted to presenting the book ‘EU Policy Responses to a Shifting Multilateral System’ (Palgrave), edited by Esther BarbéOriol Costa and Robert Kissack, and published in the framework of the EU-IANUS project (2013-2016). The seminar was attended by some 50 members of the Spanish academic community interested in European foreign policy. The book presentation was followed by a discussion of some of the books’ case studies related to different issue areas, such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and the International Criminal Court. In the second part of the seminar three research projects financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness were presented and discussed with a view to contribute to an information exchange among these new projects. Esther Barbé presented the project EU-NormCon (Normative contestation in Europe: Implications for the EU in a changing global order). There were also presentations of the following projects: “Control Democrático y Acción Exterior de la Unión Europea” (Luis N. González, Universidad de Salamanca) and “La regulación internacional de los mercados y la erosión del modelo social y político europeo” (Luis M. Hinojosa, Universidad de Granada).

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