EU-NormCon researchers active in EISA Conference

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Beyond EU-NormCon panels, the project researchers were also active in other panels of the EISA Conference. Marta Íñiguez de Heredia chaired the panel ‘Culture and practice in security policy: Two sides of the same coin?’, where she presented her paper ‘Practices of security and the militarisation of peacebuilding’. Anna Herranz-Surrallés presented the paper ‘The legitimacy crisis of foreign investment protection regimes: Explaining the emergence of transnational public knowledge controversies’, Michal Natorski (Maastricht University) presented ‘EU responses to conflicts in the neighbourhood and the projects based approach as the nexus in security-development debate’, whereas Oriol Costa participated in the paper ‘EU foreign policy as a potential issues: voters preferences over different party families’ presented in EISA and cowritten with other two authors. Finally, Martijn Vlaskamp presented the paper ‘Does the Prospect of International Recognition Influence Support for Secession? A Survey Experiment in Catalonia and Scotland’.

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