VISIONS project is presented at ISA Toronto Conference

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Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués (IBEI) chaired the panel entitled ‘Re-visioning Geopolitics: Innovative Approaches and Practices on a Classic Concept’ and was co-sponsored between VISIONS and the European International Studies Association (EISA)

VISIONS researchers Xavier Guillaume, Federica Zardo, Münevver Cebeci, Nina Graeger, and Benjamin Tallis presented early findings of their individual research:

  • Of Colonies and Exotic Territories: A Historical and Visual Analysis of the EU Geopolitical Imaginaries by Xavier Guillaume (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
  • Re‐visioning Euro‐Mediterranean Geopolitics: The Evolving Spatiality of EU Funding for Migration by Federica Zardo (Institute for European Integration Research, University of Vienna)
  • Re‐visioning the EU’s Geopolitics in the Mediterranean by Munevver Cebeci (Marmara University, European Union Institute)
  • The EU’s Northern Neighbourhood post‐2014: Re‐visioning the Geopolitical Importance of the Nordic Geopolitical Space by Nina Graeger (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs)
  • A Re‐Moveable East? Shifting Visions of (Central & East‐) European Geopolitics through the Identities‐Borders‐Orders Lens by Benjamin Tallis (Institute of International Relations, Prague)

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